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With lash care being a trending topic in the last decade, it's no wonder that there has been an upsurge in the amount of ways you can give yourself better lashes — from wearing eyelash extensions to using our LashFood serum! Here in this blog post, we list down some of the ways you can achieve the lashes of your dreams (hint: the best method is made by us!)


lash extensions


Method 1: Lash extensions

To immediately achieve thick long voluminous lashes, many opt for lash extensions. These extensions work by basically adding individual strands of lashes on top of your natural lash. Lash extensions can come in a variety of designs as users can adjust based on multiple factors from length, thickness and weight comparison. While it is the go-to for instant results, there are also other cons that one should consider before deciding to book an appointment with a lash salon. Firstly, lash extensions can range from as cheap as $25 to as expensive as $75 due to a variety of factors such as the lash technician’s experience, the quality of the lashes and the glue used. Moreover, lash extensions can become a big investment on the user if they decide to be consistent as lash extensions usually last between 2 to 3 months. Asides from cost, the upkeep of lash extensions can be troublesome for some. While it is convenient in the sense that one can skip their eye makeup, the slight inconvenience then comes in terms of aftercare. It is recommended for users to wash their face without touching their eye area and not use any oil based makeup to prevent the lashes coming off quickly. It is also advisable for lash extension users to comb through their lashes from time to time to prevent clumping in certain areas.


lash lift


Method 2: Lash lift

A more non-invasive form of lash cosmetics, lash lift has been the talk of the town in the last 5 years. Unlike lash extensions, lash lift works by essentially applying a perming solution on your natural lashes to keep them curled permanently. This method works better for those who prefer a more natural wide-eye look. Cost-wise, lash lifts can be more affordable compared to lash extensions and usually range around $35 depending on your lash salon/technician. Similarly, lash lifts also last roughly the same time with lash extensions. The downside of getting lash lifts however is that they do not do anything else besides curling the lashes. Thus, if your lashes are short and sparse, getting a lash lift might not do much.


lash food | Organic eyelash serum


Method 3: LashFood Eyelash Serum

Last but not the least, applying our lash serum might not give you instant results like lash extensions or lash lift, but it is the only method that helps your natural lashes grow and become voluminous with time. Our lash serum contains organic star ingredients like ginseng root extract and aloe leaf juice to nourish your lashes while stimulating its growth. Based on our study that we conducted, 100% of our respondents could see a difference in eyelash length, thickness and density. What’s more, our serum can also be used with any of the above methods (lash extensions and lash lift) so that you could get the immediate results you want, but also help strengthen your natural lashes while helping them grow at the same time. Sounds like a win-win situation for you? Get our LashFood Eyelash Serum here

Not convinced enough that LashFood works? Check out our study results below which shows our respondents getting thicker and longer lashes in just 16 weeks with the results being already visible in just 8 weeks of usage! Get these amazing results without the nasty chemicals when you use LashFood eyelash serum today!


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