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Lash Serums - Do they really work?

Short, stubbornly straight and droopy — these are some of the words used to describe our lashes as Asian women. 


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Look at how Lashfood works for others!

A research has been conducted on the phyto-medic eyelash enhancer, where 85% reported visible improvement in eyelash texture and fullness, 100% improvement in length!

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Success Stories

I have been using your LashFood and love it. I was wondering if I can get some for my mom and grandma. My grandma is a cancer survivor and lost all her eyelashes and I was telling her all about your product and how it is safe and natural. Thank you very much again. I love LashFood.

Beverly Mitchell, Actress

I tried your eyeliner and mascara this morning and they are AWESOME. Seriously, nice work. Thank you

Tava Smiley, Actress

I use LashFood and I love it! It gave me the thick, longer looking lashes that I had when I was a teenager!