Lash Serums - Do they really work?

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Lash serums  do they really work? 

Short, stubbornly straight and droopy — these are some of the words used to describe our lashes as Asian women. Many of us try our best to achieve long luscious lashes in a variety of ways, from getting lash extensions to trying out DIY oils on our lashes and hope for the best. However, there has been an increasingly popular product amongst Asian women that has been making waves around the beauty industry — lash serums. These tiny bottles could easily rack up to over $200 per bottle and can be found almost anywhere, from influencer endorsements to retail shops such as Sephora. With such a substantial price tag for such a small item, are lash serums really worth it? Or are they purely just a gimmick?

What are lash serums & how do they work?

“Lash serums are growth-enhancing formulas that stimulate lash growth” according to Dr Frieling. When applied regularly, the concentrated serum extends the telogen growth phase, which lengthens the lash growth cycle, which results in thicker, longer and denser lashes. There are 2 types of applicators for serums: one works by basically applying the applicator along the upper lash line and the other is applied by combing through the lashes just like how you would apply mascara. 

Similar to our hair, eyelashes consist of a huge chunk of protein, which is where ingredients such as amino acids come into play. Amino acids increases your lash protein intake while also simultaneously providing nourishment and repair on weak lashes. 

Treasure or trash?

While there are multiple lash serums out there in the market that claims to lengthen and thicken your lashes, not all of them actually contain ingredients that promote lash growth. 

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Our Phyto-Medic Eyelash Enhancing Serum is the first and only lash serum that contains natural and organic ingredients to feed your lashes without the irritation on your delicate skin. Some of the key ingredients of our miracle lash serum includes:

  • Phyto-Medic Complex: Revolutionary herbal extracts clinically proven to prevent hair loss & trigger regrowth of lashes
  • Arginine: Essential amino acid for hair growth 
  • Lavender Water: Treats a variety of hair issues including alopecia 
  • Soy Protein: Strengthen, condition & soothes lashes 

Lashfood’s enhancing serum basically works by providing an enriching blend of essential nutrients and minerals to your lashes to encourage growth. Studies conducted by us have shown every single one of our testers have reported significant results in terms of thickness and length within 16 weeks. With continued usage, your lashes are sure to appear healthier and happier thanks to our amazing natural formula. Our photo-medic serum has been loved by many amongst our sea of fans including Makeup Artist Patrick Ta. Explore our catalogue to get our lash serum today!


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