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A relatively new product in the beauty space that’s been making headlines in the past few years, lash primers introduced in the market have made a variety of claims, from nourishing your lashes to improving your lashes with mascara on. But what makes our lash primer one of the best primers?


What are lash primers?

Like any primer, lash primers work by essentially making your lashes more dramatic on top of just regular mascara and increase the durability of your mascara to last throughout the day. By prepping your lash with primer, this ensures that even the tiniest lashes you have are coated, to give you a fuller, more volumized look. Apart from giving you just luscious lashes, lash primers also serve to prevent your lashes from clumping up together and making the horrible ‘spider legs’ lashes. 

Apart from just helping out with your makeup, lash primers also contain a bunch of goodies that nourish your lashes in the day time. Our LashFood lash primer has amazing ingredients that can feed your lashes with the nutrients they deserve. Below, we feature our key ingredients that make LashFood great. 


Nano-peptide Complex

This natural peptide blend helps to nourish and condition your lashes, promoting lash vitality so that they appear fuller and healthier over time.


As the root of your hair becomes weaker and grows slower as we age, the best ingredient you can use to get back that elasticity is by using collagen. This essential lash building protein by which it can return your lashes to their full glory. 


Panthenol, also known as vitamin B5, is one of the key ingredients in plenty of hair products that reduces breakage. Other than just helping with hair breakage, Panthenol also acts as a moisturiser that thicken and strengthens the appearance of lashes. 


LashFood Lash Primer

Other than our 3 key ingredients, our lash primer also contains other plenty natural and good ingredients such as Ginkgo leaf extract and Ginseng root extract.

Want to get the best longwearing dramatic lashes without the need for lash extensions? Try our Lash Primer today!


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