Makeup Removal while on the go

lashfood makeup remover pen


Smudges and what not — we all experience minor makeup mishaps once in a while. Cleaning up makeup mistakes however can be a hassle especially when you have to fix your makeup on the go. Despite your best efforts to fix an accidental overlining on the lips or a smudged eyeliner, sometimes issues like skin irritation. LashFood Singapore is here to give you 2 ways you can get out of your makeup muddle while you are outside.


1st method: Remover wipes 

Makeup remover wipes are great if you are looking for a one step solution to get rid of any makeup gunk big or small. Additionally nowadays, there are a variety of makeup remover wipes to choose from, from oil based ones to micellar based ones.


makeup remover wipes


However, remover wipes are notorious for not being sensitive skin friendly. This is because the constant rubbing on your face can cause your skin to become more inflamed, leaving you with red, angry kin. Asides from irritating your skin, using cleansing wipes to remove only a small part of your makeup is a waste of wipes as many wipes are meant to be big enough for you to remove your entire face makeup. 


2nd method: Browfood Chamomile Makeup Eraser Pen

Want an even more convenient way to fix your makeup on the go? Our BrowFood Chamomile Makeup Eraser Pen is the perfect tool for you for when you are in a rush. Thin and light, our travel friendly eraser pen is great when you just want a quick fix to any minor makeup mistakes from mascara smudges to cleaning up your brows to make them more defined. What’s more, our eraser pen is also a great addition to your makeup bag if you’re a novice at makeup! Strong but also gentle, our eraser pen can even remove the toughest of waterproof formulas, while also being super gentle on the skin thanks to its infused chamomile and vitamin E ingredients that soothes sensitive skin.


makeup remover pen | Lashfood asia


Asides from providing you a non irritant solution to removing any minor makeup mishaps, the tip of the pen also gives you more precision to remove your makeup especially wonky eyeliners that need a little bit of fixing without affecting the rest of your face makeup. The charcoal pen tip is also reversible, which means you can always get a clean and newly refreshed tip that you can easily go to different areas of your face. 

Fix your makeup mistakes instantly with our BrowFood Chamomile Makeup Eraser Pen today!