Say No to Plastics & Animal testing



Shopping for environmentally and animal friendly beauty products can be a difficult one. At LashFood Asia, we strive to make sure that self-care and beauty do not come at a cost of harming our precious environment and animals. But why exactly are we so committed to protecting mother nature?

Plastics & Animal testing

Plastic has been used by a variety of industries for more than a few decades — from the food & beverage industry to electronics. In terms of the beauty industry, we see the use of plastic in different ways such as packaging. In 2018, almost 7.9 billion of rigid plastic was used solely for beauty and personal care products alone in the United States. Imagine how much plastic waste the world uses just for beauty products!

Plastics aside, the beauty industry is also notorious for its usage of animal testing. Companies mainly use animals like rabbits to perform tests such as skin and eye irritation and would sometimes be killed at the end of these invasive tests. Although cruelty free beauty is on the rise thanks to advocates like PETA, there is still plenty of work to be done. 

Being Plastic Neutral 

With so much plastic waste being produced yearly just in the beauty industry alone, we understand and are fully focused on not further adding on more plastic. However, sometimes as much as we try, the use of plastics is inevitable. Our partnership with CLEANHUB ensures that we offset our plastic waste to net-zero, by helping us remove an equivalent amount of waste. 

Plastic Waste

Being Cruelty Free

Alternatives to animal testing have become more widely available, with about 50 non-animal tests out there in the market that the beauty industry can tap on. At LashFood, all of our products do not undergo animal testing and are completely cruelty-free and vegan. 

 Cruelty free


We firmly believe that being kind to mother earth and its creations are as important as self-care when it comes to getting your dream fluffy brows and long lashes. Get on the sustainable side today! Click here to view our range of products.

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